My first blog post, oh my…

06 Sep

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Well, this is my first blog post. My goal is to get at least one person to read it. Here in my neck of the woods(to find out where, click on about), tragedy has recently befallen us. Two State Troopers were murdered by some drug addled thug. Shocking things like this shake me to the core. I cannot or will not ever understand the evil and tragedy that befalls good people, and then they gone in an instant. One of these troopers I personally knew. This has been on my mind constantly. The outpouring of support in the community, and the law enforcement that traveled far and wide has shown me that people still care, and we still come together under adversity.

I created this blog to discuss items relating to the industry I work in, the energy industry, but as the disclaimer at the top indicates, I may discuss anything. And the tragic incident is what has been on my mind continually. If you read the about section, you will see that I work in the energy industry and my passion is electronics. These are exciting times to be employed in this industry with the shale booms across the country.

I recently attended the Appalachian Gas Measurement Short Course, in Moon Township, PA on the campus of Robert Morris University.

I would recommend this to anyone in the industry, if you ever have a chance to attend this, you are bound to learn something. I saw some old coworkers, and met some new people, and took some great classes. If you are new to measurement and electronics, they have some introductory classes in electronics that my friend Tushar Shar of Eagle Research Corporation instructs. They have classes on many different subjects.

Also a big milestone in my life is that recently, we just celebrated our 7th Wedding Anniversary.

Two blogs I have recently discovered are: Two Lane Living and ThatJobGuy

An interesting article I have read recently – More Gas Fired Power May Hike Winter Blackout Risk

And my last ramble is a question to anyone that may actually read this:

How do you think the current Presidential election will effect the energy industry?

Please leave a comment.

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2 responses to “My first blog post, oh my…

  1. jackbassteam

    September 6, 2012 at 1:35 PM

    Regardless of the election outcome the energy industry offers the jobs that America needs. both candidates will do as much as possible to promote jobs – and that means promoting pipelines and shale oil and gas.
    P.S. white type on black is very hard on the eyes.

    • rdgrahamjr

      September 6, 2012 at 7:04 PM

      Thanks for the feedback. I have switched it up, should be a little more pleasing on the eyes.


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