Things Change, some things shouldn’t

07 Sep

In the previous post, I uploaded an antique photo. The photo is my great great great grandfather, Columbus Graham. We have one thing in common, I generally do not smile in photographs, just as most people did not smile in photographs of that era. (unless I am forced to by the wife, or threatened, also by the wife)

I am not sure why people never smiled back in the day, although I have read various reasons why. At this time, I cannot remember. I know why I do not smile. I believe my face is made of some material with super plasticity, that causes distortions that makes me look like Norman “Chubby” Chaney of the little rascals.

I do not want to look like a little rascals character.

Another thing that I will never partake in – skinny pants. I am not even going to bother with an explanation as to why.

And to my next item in this post. Cloud Computing

I believe cloud computing should stay well away from my industry. I believe mixing any kind of process control or SCADA system with a public network is a huge mistake. I am aware of corporations that go that route, but if I was the guy behind the desk making the decisions, this would not be so.

Various organisations, syndicates and countries are constantly trying to hack in to process control systems trying to cause havoc.

Remember Stuxnet? This should worry you.

And now I read about cloud integration into the industry energy. That is a lot of back doors. Now let me say that I am no expert in this realm. 

Marco Ayala with Cimation is an expert. i read quite a few of his posts on LinkedIn. 

Its a scary world out there folks. 

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