The Fractured States of America

22 Sep



When pondering what kind of future my children will have, that is the emotion that usually wells to the surface.

I am not a political person. In fact I hate politics, but I also know that politics are part of our lives, and it is always wise to know what is going on and to always remember that we all have a vested interest and position in our political system. Wait… I mean what WAS our political system. I have always leaned to the right. I am a registered independent, but I lean to the right fiscally, and I would say socially I am a centrist.

These days I really do not see any difference between the two parties. They may seem very different but if you delve deep enough, except for a few in each party, both parties seem to working to the some unseen goal, albeit treading different paths to get there. What scares me is I am not sure what the goal is. I am not sure who bought our government. Was it multi-national corporations? Was it another government? That I do not know. What I do know is that our government is no longer for the people by the people.

And that’s where the FEAR comes from. I realize that tyranny and resistance has always been around since the Constitution was written. It was born out of tyranny and resistance.

What scares me, is the Constitution is being trampled on everyday, and yet there seems to be nothing but apathy from the general public. The line is pushed further and further everyday. And the FEAR wells up again as I think about what kind of America will my children grow up in? I truly believe America will collapse or worse in my or my childrens’ lifetime if we continue on the course we are on. And to remove ourselves from this course will require either a viable third party to disrupt whatever plan has been laid out, and the people to come together and make sure their collective voice is heard.

We ALL must work together, no matter our differences.

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