One of my favorite Ted Talks.

24 Nov

Below is one of my favorite Ted Talks. Susan Cain gives an excellent talk, speaking on the power of introverts. Myself being an introvert, she makes some great points and shares excellent observations about our society.

Being an introvert in today’s society,can be very exhausting. With the all the group think, and respect given to the charismatic type, it is sometimes a struggle for an introvert to find their place. Please don’t misunderstand me, I am a firm believer in teamwork, but some tasks just are not well suited for a group think enviroment.

Society at large and the business community would do well to realize that introverts historically and statistically tend to be very creative, excellent problem solvers, and tend to think “out of the box”.

Really, when I come to think of it, being an introvert is a pretty cool way to be wired. I couldn’t imagine spending every free minute on Facebook posting absolutely everything I am doing, and taking “selfies”.

Just give me a quiet room and a Clive Cussler novel and I will be just fine.

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