The Moon Bounce (No, it’s not a dance)

24 Nov

There has been many conspiracy theorists over the years stating that Americans never set foot on the moon, and that all of the camera footage and pictures were faked on a Hollywood set.

Well this should put the controversy to rest. (except its conspiracy type people, so nothing is ever acceptable to disprove their theory)

This was also portrayed on an episode of The Big Bang Theory.

The science behind this is rather simple. On the moon during the Apollo 11, 14, & 15 missions, astronauts left behind retroreflectors which are basically just a fancy version of the reflectors you may find at the end of your driveway or along the highway. Using a precisely aimed laser and a precisely aimed optical receiver, you are able to bounce a laser beam off the moon and see the results as peaks on the receiver amongst the background scatter.

This is something I would love to try someday.

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