The “Internet of Things”

10 Jan

internet_thingsThe “Internet of Things” has been a buzz phrase the last few years. Internet and similar connections are becoming common in everyday mundane things such as light bulbs and thermostats. A complete smorgasbord of peripherals and sensors have become cheap and attainable to just about anyone with an interest. This is most evident in the maker culture. With the ready availability of devices such as Arduino micro controllers and Rasberry Pi, and open-source software, the possibilities are without limit.

As what always happens, this technology will morph and change and finally make its way into the industrial sector.

I ponder, how will this trend in connectivity and technology affect the oil and gas industry?

Shell Oil for example is already remotely monitoring their drilling operations in “real-time”.

And Cisco has their vision –  The Internet of Things (IoT) Oil & Gas

Wireless sensors are already being utilized in the industry, such as devices from Oleumtech for example. How will the next generation of devices operate? Maybe integrate directly into some future ad-hoc style wireless network, and be fully autonomous? Will these sensors integrate directly into a SCADA system with no RTU for a middleman? Things to ponder..

Will DCS (distributed control system) move to the cloud?  Imagine a wide area DCS. For example, imagine a compressor station that knows what is occurring at stations upstream and downstream and can react and optimize with that information. Things to ponder…

The amount of data and the analytical capabilities that will be available in the near future will be simply amazing. Just about any device imaginable could have an M2M connection,

As economist Marco Annunziata put it, “Welcome to the age of the industrial internet.”

These are exciting times we live in  to be a geek!

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