It’s Been Awhile

09 Sep

Wow. I had this plan. This Hobby. My Blog. It surely has been awhile since my last post. Life can get chaotic and busy sometimes, and the best laid plans go awry. There are two things I love to do, learn, and share what I have learned. I chose this medium to exalt all of my nerdom and then carelessly let it wither on the vine. Well NO MORE!. I am going to post once a week, no matter how short the post, until it becomes ” muscle memory. Yes that’s right, rewire those neurons to form a new habit. Where have I been your probably not asking? Well I will tell you anyway. Busy. Working. A lot.

One of the things I do during all those hours at work, is listen to podcasts whenever I get a chance. (such as on the way to/from work, and from location to location.

Today I want to share my favorite podcast:


Stuff You Should Know.

Take a moment and click the link to head over to the website to check out one of the best podcasts ever.

And if you like these guys, be sure to subscribe to the podcast!

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