Signs Of A True Tech-Geek

08 Feb


One sign that should indicate you have become a tech-geek:

You tend to spend your free time doing things that are very similar to what you do for a living.

My personal case in point: I am employed as a Controls Technology Specialist for a major natural gas midstream company. My day consists of updating, editing, and writing logic for PLC’s (programmable logic controllers), and HMI’s (Human to Machine Interface). I also commission, set up, and troubleshoot many different systems, such as industrial ether-net networks, burner management systems, custody measurement systems and devices, and the communications between all of these different systems.

So what do I do in my free time? The number one thing is spend time with my wife and kids. But I also dabble with Linux, program a little in Python, dabble in amateur radio, and mess around with micro-controllers such the Arduino.

So as any true tech-geek would, I get excited when my hobbies, and my chosen career cross paths, and the line gets blurry.

That’s why I was excited to stumble across this website and find like-minded individuals using the arduino micro-controller as a PLC. If you are interested, I encourage you to check it out.

Arduino as a programmable logic controller (

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