You clicked on the link. You want to know a little bit about me Robert Graham.


Well you are in luck.  First and foremost I am a husband of an amazing, wonderful lady and father  of three wonderful boys, these are the two greatest honors bestowed on a man, and also the most important thing in my life, Family.

We currently reside in North East Pennsylvania. I work in the Natural Gas Industry,  I had lived in Central West Virginia pretty much my entire life until I accepted a position to work in the Marcellus Shale and I relocated in June 2013, and finally got my family up here the weekend of Independence day.  Needless to say there has been much change in our lives this year. My wife has lived in South East Ohio and Central West Virginia all of her life, so both of us are adjusting to a new culture, as anyone familiar with West Virginia would know it is a very unique place.

We also have made the decision to home school our three children, as we want to pass on the the values and morals that are important to us, also believe that the public school system is very broken, and is no longer safe nor secure, both physically and mentally.

Luckily there is a strong and growing movement of homeschoolers in this area, and we were able to find and join a homeschool co-op in our area.

If you would like to anything else about us or our family just ask.


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