photo1Ora Cain and wife Lucretia “Creedy” Graham


Back left to right Lucretia, Joe and Willie Graham. Front left to right Margaret (Nichols) Graham Holding Bessie, Harless and John Graham holding Bob.


Left to right Joe, Columbus and Harless Graham. Next is Chessie Adkins (Harless’s 1st wife) Lucreti and Gay Graham, then Margaret (Nichols) Graham with 2nd husband Levi Cain, Then Oral Adkins, Johnnie Graham and Eldon Adkins.


Lucretia Jane “Creedy” Graham Wife of Ora Cain. Age 17.

photo6Isaac Drake and wife Pauline Bishop who were the parents of Hulda Dake who Married William Edward Graham who was killed in the Civil war. Grandparents of Columbus Graham.

photo7Columbus Graham and wife Sarah Loana Belcher, son of Hulda Drake and William Graham.

photo8The Columbus Graham family. Back left to right Huldah and John Graham, Margaret Nichos and Robert Graham. Front is Columbus, Millard and Sarah (Belcher) Graham. In front of Robert is Oakie and in front of him is Tom. Behind Millard is Lewis. A tintype Photo.

photo9Margaret Permelia (Nichols) Graham and husband John Graham son of Columbus and Sarah

photo11Front left to right is George, Ali and William. William was father of Sarah Loana Belcher who married Columbus Graham

photo12Columbus Graham

photo13Harless, Johnny and Joe Graham.

photo14Margaret Permelia (Nichols) Graham

photo15Mary Ellen Patton, Mother of Margaret P. Nichols who was wife of John Graham

photo16William “Willie” Graham

photo18Cove Hollow School Clay County. Where Graham kids went to school. Located on Pisgah Ridge.

photo19Ruby (Legg) Graham middle, husband William left and his brother Earl on right

photo20Children of William Edward and Nellie (Dobbins) Graham. Left Earl, middle William and right is Pearl (Mullins) Graham

photo21Stephenson Hotel Clay, WV

photo22Portrait of William Edward Graham. Killed in the Civil war in the battle of Cloyde’s Mountain in Pulaski County, Virginia.

photo23Spencer Roane County Women’s Militia during Civil War. Seated front left is Hulda (Drake) Graham wife of William Edward Graham who was Killed during the battle of Cloyd Mountain

maysel_churchMaysel Baptist Church Cornerstone, showing Columbus Graham as Charter Member. Taken August 2015


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