As corporations increasingly look to cut costs while at the same time increase production, they are moving more and more into the “digital oilfield”.

Automation has made it possible for one operator to take care of a number of assets such as well pads and compressors, that just a few years ago would have been unheard of.

I have strong knowledge of automating well pads, bringing all the data into a SCADA system so most if not all tasks can be performed remotely. This consists of well shut ins, artificial lifting, measurement run selection/ control, liquid level measurement and safety systems.I also have experience in automating gathering compression, including engine and compression performance monitoring, suction, discharge and recycle controls, safety systems such as on site and remote emergency shutdowns, that can be triggered by an operator or an out of parameter process such as a liquid level, temperature, vibration, or gas/flame detector.

I have experience with PID loops, cascaded controllers, and interfacing with FW Murphy and Altronic controllers and annunciators.

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