This is always without a doubt my favorite topic, my strongest skill in my skill set and the favorite part of my job. It is also my hobby. I am amazed and excited reading and learning the leaps and bounds that have occurred in wireless communications the last few years. I have been involved with communications in one facet or another my whole career. My first job out of tech school was at a cell phone factory in Lynchburg, VA, but the job that I really “cut my teeth” in this field was the West Virginia State Police. I learned so much while employed there. I worked on so many things, from GE tube powered radios from the 1960’s to IP-based dispatch consoles. I also worked on a mix of voice and data communications. Towards the end of my time there, I was working on the first phase of the Statewide Interoperability project, (P25 Standard), deploying a statewide, fully digital networked trunked UHF FDMA radio system deployed with a microwave data backhaul. When I moved into the oil and natural gas field, I was exposed to many more technologies, and with the fundamentals I learned at the State Police I learned and mastered these technologies very quickly.

I have experience in licensed and unlicensed data radio networks, from initial design and study stages to full deployment. I have worked with MDS, Freewave, and Maxstream products, deploying site-to-multisite networks, multihost networks, peer-to-peer networks, and ad-hoc self-healing mesh networks.

I also can and do perform radio propagation studies using the Longley-Rice model.

I also have experience with VSAT, BGAN, and LEO satellite connections and installations,

Another area of knowledge is the installaton and setup of Cellular end devices using GSM, CDMA, IDEN and other standards and technologies in regards to cellular.

Wired communications such as ethernet, RS-232, RS-485, 2 and 4 wire lease lines using Bell 202 modems, and DSL is another area I am knowledgeable in.

I have a very good understanding of radio propagation, antenna selection, and the effects of terrain, and weather.

I can take these technologies and mix and match them to create the most cost-effective and reliable communications package for a particular project. I also understand industry data protocols such as modbus rtu/ascii, modbus-tcp, ascii protocols, and other proprietary protocols, and the effect different communication mediums have on these protocols such as packet size, latency, etc…

This is also my hobby and you may find me on the airwaves in my free time(2 and 6 meter). My call sign is W3RDG, and my echolink node is 913217 if you also happen to be into amateur radio.

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