Measuring Natural Gas is a critical endeavor. A good analogy of gas measurement is that of a cash register. After all, natural gas is the product being produced, sold, and bought. All of the “cash registers” are checked by measurement analysts, who are analogous to an accountant. They check the balances of the measurement with other measurement inside the corporation and with 3rd party measurement known as Sales Custody Transfer Measurement. As you can see, measurement plays a critical role.

I have strong experience with orifice measurement, the most used measurement in the realm of E&P’s. I take pride in knowing that when I have performed an installation, maintenance or calibration on an orifice run, it is as accurate as possible. I also have experience with ultrasonic measurement, which is becoming widely used in custody transfer. I also have experience with turbine meters and with positive displacement measurement such as rotary meters.

I also am very comfortable and knowledgeable concerning RTU’s and flow computers. I have extensive in-depth knowledge with Eagle Research products as I was once employed in a customer support / applications engineering role with that corporation. I also have very extensive knowledge of Totalflow G3 and G4 products, and Emerson Roc 107 RTU’s. In all three of these manufacturers product lines I am comfortable writing and editing logic applications.

When it comes to natural gas analysis , I have experience in operating and repairing Daniels and ABB chromatography.

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