This page lists a few details of some projects and accomplishments that I have been involved in, in no certain order:

I designed and deployed a peer-to-peer self-healing mesh network using Maxstream ISM 902-928 MHz unlicensed radios over a county-wide area for a water and waste water SCADA system.

I designed and installed a geographically large point to multipoint network for an E&P corporation in the unconventional Marcellus shale play using Freewave ISM 902-928 MHz unlicensed radios for remote well pad monitoring.

I also installed all of the measurement and automation at two significantly sized compressor stations with multiple engines for the same company.

I was part of a team that installed bi-directional ultrasonic and orifice measurement for a large transportation and utility company for underground formation natural gas storage near Detroit, MI.

I was part of a small team that designed and beta tested software and hardware designed for artificial lift for an E&P in Oklahoma.

I upgraded many locations of a midstream company to more modern standards, including both measurement and automation. The measurement was upgraded from separate 4-20 transmitters for each process, to MVS transmitters combing pressure, differential pressure, and temperature into one device with digital communications. I also upgraded many valve controllers to I/P transmitters with mechanical fail-safe overrides that were using Bristol Babcock 624 controllers that had been neglected for many years and caused many process upsets.

I was part of a team that designed and installed a licensed radio network for an E&P.

I recently installed a licensed UHF radio network using two VSAT locations as the data backhaul to the SCADA system, replacing quite a few cellular modems to greatly lower data costs for an E&P operator.

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